Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Glorious Sacred Heart of Jesus

I doubt I could find anything kitschier than The Sacred Heart in pictures nine times out of ten. What is it with people that draw the Sacred Heart and being super untalented?

Everyone under the sun has this version in their kitchen. I even have it hanging over my computer.

I really do not have the words to mock this picture. I think it does just fine on its own.

Hooold me clooser sexxyy Jeeessuuuusss... Listen, I get the "Spouse of Christ" imagery that nuns get....MAYBE even consecrated virgins calling Him "Husband" in that sense. But you KNOW somewhere some 8 year old got this on a holy card for their first dang communion and was like "Jesus is so hawt. Jesus is my boyfriend". Ugh, I guess it's good for ecuminical dialouge with those damned evangelicals (and I use "damned" in every sense of the word.)

Another thing I love, Icons. But this Jesus looks like He might have adult onset diabetes. A DOUBLE CHIN? REALLY?

Ok, two things. 1) THAT'S THE IMMACULATE F*CKING HEART. 2) This Jesus looks super Jewish. What with His arms all "it costs HOW MUCH?"

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