Friday, May 14, 2010

Certianly not Catholic

But certainly bad enough for me to say some things so horrible I can never take them back.

Meet God's Dollz
The Jesusy alternative to Bratz.
Once you've finished rubbing glass in your eyes just to feel again, we'll continue

That's better.

Ok, so basically Bratz/barbies whatever teach little girls about what is pretty/important for girls. Which apparently is being kind of skanky, dying of anerexia, turning into Hedi Montag and getting a brand new face etc. etc. AND if your daughter is into bratz, then looking like a junky crack whore is also what is valued in the female.

I swear, if I ever have a daughter she'll only be allowed to play with statues of the Virgin Mary because at least I don't have to worry about those becoming "heroine chic"

Anyway, since those are not appropriate for Christian girls (and let's face it, 1 in 10 soon-to-be-disowned boys.) we've made "God's Girlz" which are only slightly less slutty. Since dolls are the idealized female, let's take a look at what Evangelical culture values in women:

Long hair that could use a flat iron and/or conditioner once and a while
A face that looks like a pick axe made out with it. Seriously?! Look at that nose. I bet it's like a rejected Bratz head stuck on a less deformed body.
Pooka shells. Really? I guess that's rebelious.........wait is she wearing them ironically?
A Kudos T-shirt. Naturally. they're made by the same company (Oh, how I love Je$u$)
Book bag, because women should learn. In that book bag, a copy of the origion of species with an introduction by Ray Comfort, a book by Mark Driscol on staying a virgin until your wedding and then becoming a freak-a-leak, and an iPod with illegally downloaded hillsong.

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