Monday, August 30, 2010


so some bitchy ice cream company run by a bunch of eye-talians (said like my neighbour who is under the impression that italians are from eye-tally) decided to advertise their ice cream with a bunch of priests and nuns molesting eachother and stuff. Here's the deal, it pisses me off on a couple different levels.

Read about it here

1) It's kind of a cheap-shot to jump right to offending catholics by having priests and nuns all sexy and stuff. It's, to quote Ms. Katy Perry (speaking of sexy, amiright?...too soon? anyway) like a comedian telling a fart joke. Getting people angry to sell products is basically what glenn beck does every single night. So congradulations.

2) have you EVER seen a priest or a nun that was that attractive? One doesn't get breast implants or work out like 80 hours a day just to go off and take a vow of celebacy. That's called poor time management.

3) I am actually angry over the ads. I know that's the point, but seriously. It just makes me angry that "who should we offend?" "OOOH! THE CHRISTIANS!" is pretty much everyone's first trick...I would like to see a shwarma company advertise by having some ladies in burkas touching eachother's titties with the caption "Allah-hoor smack-bar." or something more clever. THEN we could talk about "free speech"

4) And finally, it makes me angry because they clearly did NO research into what catholics are like in anyway. If a priest wore a rosary he'd probably get in trouble from the old ladies in his congregation, nuns have buzz cuts, most just wear cardigans and clogs not full length habits. I AM OUTRAGED. OUTRAGED.

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