Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Reader Submitted Story

This story was submitted by "cecily edwards", whose name (until about 5 seconds ago when I typed it) I thought was "Cellie" i.e.

Ms. Celie from the colour purple.  So I'm pretty sure I read this in a slave accent in my head the first time.  Anyway:

"Yesterday, at our Salvation Army store, my son Patrick (who is four)
found what he thought was the most wonderful thing ever. Note: he's
four. And very much into angels right now. We're Orthodox, I try to
steer him away from Western religious depictions, but as you know,
This thing had to be seen to be believed. I wish I had shot video.
It's that ubiquitous angel/children/bridge scene, but the lit-up
"rays" coming out from the center of the picture are indeed lit up,
and change colors. The edge has rotating colors. It was...
unbelievable. I took a picture just to have proof this thing existed.
I think there's a light and disk with a painted spiral behind, which
gives the color-changing/rotating effect.
The best part of this - when we went back this morning, to show this
laughable monstrosity to my husband (because the picture just doesn't
do it justice), it was GONE. Someone actually bought it. And
apparently Patrick liked it SO very much that now he is very, very sad
at its absence. He keeps coming to me with the saddest expression and
asking why his angel is gone, and I absolutely cannot laugh, becaause that would be heartless. I've been assuring him that it has a very nice home now.
And trying not to picture the interior decorating of that home."

Well, i imagine, ms. cellie, they also have something like this.

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