Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Readers, Come and Vote!

Starting this Sunday, August 21st we'll be holding...

This is a Sainty Award.

what are The Sainties you ask?  They're like an oscar, or a golden globe, or an emmy, or the ultimate grand supreme crown for sugar plum dumplin's child beauty pageant.  
The categories are as follows

  • Grossest Martyrdom

  • Weirdest Event

  • Best Dressed

  • Ugliest Iconography

  • Strangest Patronage

  • Most Bizzare Mortification

  • Kitschiest Representation 

For the next 4 days until Sunday, I'll be announcing the Categories and their Nominees.  You can vote for your favourite in the comments section, or even write in your own favourite if they're not in the nominees.  If you're unable to comment, please just email me at the address at the top corner of the page (under "show me your junk.")  PROMOTE THE SAINTIES!  SPREAD THEM LIKE SWINE FLU!!

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