Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reader Submitted Melodrama!

This comes to us from MiDi, all the way from Austria!

It's what appears to be a group of singing priests doing a dramatic re-enactment of a high school boy's first attempt at writing romantic literature.

I doubt I can add anything to what she said:

I wondered whether you would like to post this video – it is a serious meant one, I assure you, made by three Austrian and German priests, trying o do their best to make Catholicism or Faith popular … it’s part of a CD, which is… well, the same style, called “Spiritus Dei” …
I can’t help laughing – and being sad at the same time, as the video (AND the music) is KITSCH and ridiculous, at the same time, because of all the clichés in it – and doesn’t help to “improve” my faith in any way …

All this needed was a southern woman to come down with the vapors and be caught be someone on a white horse to be complete.

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  1. Those priests have more songs online: (this appears to be their official website)
    To be honest: For me, it seems to be too much "show"...