Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creepiest Thing

I've ever seen of the holy family.

Now, I'm not ashamed to admit I've got a devotion to the Holy Family. For obvious reasons. And I've got a big old statue of them that is really awesome and once belonged to a cloistered monk in his cell and...yeah it's the greatest thing I own.

And then there's this:

My first reaction was "oh, that's cute" Then the more I looked the creepier it got. So, the BVM is cuddeling with her baby...then a 50 foot St. Joseph finds them asleep on the floor, sits down and holds her in his arms. Ok.....so far so.........not devesating.

Except that that BVM looks to be about TEN YEARS OLD. Oh, God, it's like The Colour Purple....now Mr.____ is going to barge in and take Jesus away! OH NO!!

It's like that "I'll love you forever" book, which is a nice story until you realise she is BREAKING INTO HIS HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT......

Sweet Lord it's early.

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