Monday, March 1, 2010

Lets kick things off...

With a little miss-placed theology

This is the world's largest monstrance

Aaaah snap.

Ok, so let me walk you through it.
1) I like the Mary/Ark of the Convenant connection. For obvious reasons. But, dressing her up kiiiiiiiinda like a muslim is a little off.
2)Putting the Eucharistic Jesus into Mary for the purpose of adoration seems a little off too. Now I don't want to sound like Jack Chick here, but isn't is possible to....I don't know...BE WORSHIPING THE STATUE. When the center of the statue is CLEARLY Mary then the actual body of Jesus ends up taking a back seat.

Anyway, it'll be a little post-heavy here for a while since I'm just starting out.

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