Monday, March 1, 2010

These Kids are Afflicted

With something called biblevision
I know it's not Catholic, but we gotta start some place.

Alright let me walk you through it.
Ok, first off, to the fatty in the blue shirt: WAY TO PERPITUATE racial stereotypes. The little black girl is late. Of course.

And yes, that little mexican kid in the yellow shirt is a SCREAMING future gay. Good luck with your evangelical parents kids. Yes my name is Frank and I make fun of minors. Speaking of yellow shirt...I'm over here honey...why are you looking off the left? Honey...over...look...JUAN LOOK OVER HERE...fine whatever.

I am obsessed with the fat kid in the blue. I think we're soul mates. I want to know everything about him. ALSO: Note the nice little switcharoo that they did 0:40. Think they can pull a fast one on me?

So anyway, 1:48, turns out Fatty (I'm going to call him Paul. He looks like a Paul.) Anyway PAUL forgets his dance steps and tries to brush it off with a smile and a nod. Nice try.
That little dip and spring finale was easily the gayest thing I've ever seen.

So anyway, poor Ashley finally gets here and turns out that Satan is chuckeling behind the three. So they're all horrible to her (GEE thanks for showing up! easy chris brown) and yet we're supposed to believe her trying to make them stop bullying her is the work of the devil and not them being TERRIBLE PEOPLE.

B!tches better back up off Ashley or she'll straight up burn your prom to the ground.
I mean

P.s. Darlene from Rosanne looking girl, it is possible for a girl's CAT to be sick and then for her MOM to be sick. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT THIS POOR GIRL?

So here they are again. Once more Ashley is shoved off to the side, shall we say, segregated. And who let these kids into the Church? Some slack-jawed Janitor that probably watches them pee.
And anyone else a little creeped out by a bunch of 8 year olds singing about how happy they are the DAY OF THE LORD is drawing near? Even a little? And from :55 till like thet end of the dang video I'm noticing some SEVERE lesbian tention between the darlene looking chick and the blonde one. Who knew? Everyone.

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  1. I find your blog hilarious but just so you know, the kid in the blue shirt's name is Ryan not Paul... its shown in another video along with the rest of their names (the mexican is Ricky)... you can find it on youtube called: Bibleman Open (Early)