Friday, May 28, 2010

Out creeped?


I don't know if purity balls and purity rings are...uhm...kitschy or just plain old sickening.

Now, naturally, I'm pro-chastity. But I'm also pro-not-marrying-your-daughter. And I think telling people to value themselves enough to wait is more helpful then you are a DIRTY WHORE IF YOU DO IT type stuff. I went to a Catholic school (surprise!) and we had abstain-only education speakers that would come in once a year. And they were GREAT but it seemed that people who's parents already taught to value themselves and value their sexuality more ended up getting the point more than those who had already done it who just seemed depressed after. But, let me tell you something, those speakers were scary mother truckers. And at the end they'd give out holy cards and stuff so it was great.
And i think "Un-Churched" is the worst phrase in the entire world.

This is just creepy and sickening and I can't wait until it's on wide release.

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