Thursday, May 27, 2010

We are creepy.

Really, really, REALLY creepy.

Christianity is naturally creepy, I mean what with all the blood and canabalism and the like...crowns of thorns, fountains of blood, bowls of wrath...basically we're a goth's dream come true.

My favourite on the list of Catholics-are-creepy list, however, is statues that cry blood. Seriously? I think Jesus might have a tube of black lipstick and a shirt that says "i'm only wearing black until they invent something darker" T-shirt from hot topic.

That one in the middle is of a woman whose name i cannot remember for the life of me who had probably the most intense stigmata ever. For reals. I remember reading about her in this book about like unexplained phenomenon like aliens and stuff and there was a chapter about stigmata and this poor lady...ugh.
TOP THAT, PROTESTANTS. What's that? A casserole dish? A father's day bible study? Oh sorry can't hear you over MY WOUNDS OF JESUS.

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