Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Day For All Catholics Tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, because The Year of Priests will be over and we'll get a new theme!

Now, I like priests, but I get sick of themes after day three hundred and sixty four. Anyhow...

I'll let you know what Poppa Benny decided tomorrow


THE WORLD CUP! And let's be honest, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish...they love 2 things: The Vatican and Pummeling Each other in Soccer
Or football for our international audience that doesn't exist.
You know what this means....

Jesus....why are you kicking it AWAY from the children?! What kind of a move is that?! And there is waaaay too much boy-thigh for this picture to make anyone comfortable no matter wth decade it is.

Several things. A) The top says "Inside, Offside, I'm always on YOUR side" WHAT THE HECK? Now the former fundie in my wants to say NO GOD'S NOT GOD IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE BECAUSE YOU COMMIT SINS AND GOD IS YOUR ENEMY AND NO ONE LOVES GOD! But now I just want to say "wtf?!"
B) Our Lord plays Soccer with a giant golf ball.
C) He also recently died His hair blonde, and looks almost like He's growing a play-off beard.

I kid you not, this picture was accompanied on a website discussing the verse about "Jesus Grew in Wisdom and in Stature". Apparenlty not enough wisdom to know not to use your NOSE to head a ball.

Ever since Our Lady of Fatima came around, it's been portugal, portugal, portugal in The Afterlife Cup. Personally, I think it's unfair that Jesus is allowed to use his anti-gravity shoes while competeing, but since the devil is probably cheating somehow, I'll allow it.

Not as obnoxious as the last soccer-rosary I posted but equally ugly and semi-blasphemous.

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