Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creative Fundraising

You learn something new everyday, and my something new today was something called "pagan babies"
aparently the Catholic schools used to raise money for missions by bringing in money to save pagan babies, and every 10 dollars meant a pagan baby was saved and you got to name the baby.

Come along you foul little ethnic looking creatures and let the Holy White man feed you. P.s., little eskimo looking pagan baby, there are going to be about five million Christian hipsters circa 2010 that will have that *exact* haircut and will talk about "the new monasticism" while getting tattoos of fish and drink 500 dollar "fair trade" coffee. Which your chillen's'll probably have grown!


10 dollars? That's it?! Sign me the hell up, that sounds like a great deal.
Oh, sorry you don't get to keep the soul of the baby yourself?
Well there goes that idea.

P.S. if my Church ever did a "pagan baby" fund. Holy sh*t balls I'm afraid I'd end up spending like 300 bucks. I'm a sucker babies of all kinds. Especially chubby ethnic.

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