Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Gospel According to Saint Kitsch, Chapter 1

"In the 6th month, the LORD sent His angel Gabriel before Mary, and the angel spake unto mary, saying "Long distance message, wilt thou accept the charges" and Mary spake unto the angel saying "Yea, Verily." And the Angel spake saying "Hail, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee" and Mary spake saying "Hold on one moment, for thou can surley see that I am in the midst of praying the Divine Office of the Church of England." And the angel spake saying "It's alright, I can wait." And Mary spake saying "Alright, go ahead what is it then?" and the angel spake saying "Thou shalt concieve and bare a Son and thou shalt name Him Jesus, though thou art a Virgin nothing shall be found impossible for God." And Mary spake saying "Wait, what? No, no you're f*cking with me right? Come I on punk'd? Where's Ashton?"

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