Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gospel According to Saint Kitsch, Chapter 2

And behold, there came a man from the wilderness called John the Baptist, and he was of rugged and hadsome good looks, and for many years had been the name which had been writ upon the notebooks of various school girls. Two of these girls came to him by the river and spake saying "JOHN, wilt thou goest into the water that we mayest see thy abs?" and John spake saying "Women, why wouldst thou have me be wet? For surley thou canst see that I am not taylor lauterner or whatever that kids name is." And they did squeel with glee. And Jesus came down from Galilee to see John the Baptiser and spake unto him saying "Wilt thou baptise me John?" and Lo, didst gay rumours float about John the Baptiser for the rest of his days.

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