Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week-Day 1

Well, since it's you know...the biggest week of the Christian year, I ought to do something special.
So this week...except for Good Friday for obvious reasons...I will be posting the worst images I can find of Our Lord's passion.

So.  Drum roll, plzthnks...........

Here is Jesus' high school graduation photo from 1997

A la...

Nothing says beautiful photography like a portrait with the head of the person IN the picture floating ominously in the background....I have an aunt who has ALL of her kids graduation pictures in this style...where there's one serious picture and then their HEAD just hangin' out in the background smiling. I want to get this done with me and my pug, but just a photo of Percy, then me smiling in the background, like he's dreaming of me...oh yeah and that's a bad Jesus picture and stuff.

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