Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week-Day 2

Are you tired of this style of crucifix that doesn't make you feel NEARLY guilty enough?  Tired of a tasteful displayed reminder of the Lord's suffering, and in need of one that will make you not only weep for pity, but vomit?

4 entire bottles of red paint were used in the making of this crucifix

"the loin cloth is still white, Sr. Maria Maria Conswella Maria Immolata"
"Hand me a tooth brush, my niece Maria did this in kindergarten to make stars..."
"Sr. Maria Maria Conswella Maria Immolata?"
"Yes, Mother Maria Maria of the Five Wounds and the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Conception?"
"The cheeks...they are too rosy"
"What should I do, mother?"
"Rip them off."
This honestly makes Mel Gibson's passion look like freaking "The Gospel of John".  Have you seen that movie? Legit, the mother of sorrow's reaction to seeing her Beloved Son dying in agony is "ooh." not "OOOH!" but just "ooh."

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