Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Sainties: Category 5 Voting

The Sainty Awards is a little theme week here at Saint Kitsch in honour of our favourite Saints that make us swell with happiness God hasn't asked us to be them.


Strangest Patronage

  • St. Apolliana
Patron Saint of dentists, because she was martyred by having her teeth pulled out one by one.

  • Saint Bona of Pisa
Patron Saint of Flight Attendants, because she operated a hotel.  Make the connection yourself, I certainly can't.

  • St. Martin of Tours
Patron Saint of Geese.  After hiding in a flock of geese to prevent becoming bishop, they honked to reveal his where abouts.  I was unaware geese needed a patron, but hey.

  • St. Drogo
Ugly people.


  1. I can't decide between St. Drogo or St. Martin de Tours. I wasn't aware either that geese needed a patron either. And ugly people? Isn't that encouraging people who are depressed about their self-image? Geez.

  2. Definately St. Apolliana. If a kid afraid of a dentist asked for this saint's intercession, I doubt they'd feel much comfort in return. More like, "DON'T GO! THEY'LL PULL YOUR TEETH OUT!"

  3. Very few indeed of these so-called "patron saints" were designated by any competent ecclesiastical authority.

    St Bona of Pisa helped pilgrims along their pilgrim routes and occasionally assisted them in pilgrim hostels. It's easy to trivialise what we don't understand isn't it.