Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another reader submitted entry!

From Andrew Cole
who says

"Something you may find useful or appalling"

Andrew, in my book those are synonyms.
Let me walk you through this.  First of all, it appears as though the Divine Child is standing on some kind of cake, perhaps a Nanimo bar.  Second, those are child bearing hips.  Our Lord did not have an hour glass figure.  Third.  I could say something horribly inappropriate about the region about the legs but I, for one, intend on going to Heaven so I'll skip that over.  Fourth. That face looks like a pug that ate a lemon.  Fifth.  The crown is three times the size of his head.

"Thanks" Andrew.   

And a big thanks to those who had kind words to say in the comments last post.  I actually pray for my readers.  Is that awful?  This is a "Let's mock ugly things" blog and I actually care about y'all.  So anyway thanks for the kind words last post.

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  1. I think this is supposed to be an Infant of Prague statue. The idea is that someone would *make* vestments for it, generally in liturgical colors.