Sunday, November 27, 2011

Investigative Journalism

On Saturday the 26th I went to visit my Spiritual Adviser, Sister Marguerite of Jesus at the Carmel of St. Joseph  and it was the loveliest day of my life.

Here we are with her dog:
I'm the one in blue, if you couldn't tell.

Anyhow, I could tell you all about the wonderful things but that's not why you're here is it?!
THE GIFT SHOP.  Sorry, "Shoppe."

So the gift shoppe might not have I went down there.  Because all the lights were off.  But listen, there's not much to do in a cloistered convent when you're alone and can't go chill with the nuns because they're eating, ok?

Glow in the dark holy family.  They also had glow in the dark Mary, Jesus, O.L of Fatima, St. Christopher and St. Padre Pio.  

The St. Therese wall.  With the most horrifying "busts" of St. Therese I had ever seen. 

"After my death I shall let fall from Heaven a shower of Roses.  Then eat your soul"
Seriously SHE HAS NO EYES.

The statuary cabinet which had plastic statues of the usual.  St. Francis, Padre Pio, St. Christopher.  I bought some nice books and a new rosary but stayed clear of the plastic statue of Blessed JPII.

These are the lengths I go to for you, readers.  I broke into a gift "shoppe" run by nuns to take pictures of their plastic statues that glow in the dark.  Luckily Sister Marguerite didn't care.
"Did you go downstairs?"
" that ok?"
(with a "the most obvious thing in the entire world" tone) "....yes" 
"Ok, I saw some stuff I like down there actually."
"Alright, good, I want to see what's down there it's been a while since I've gone."



  1. Oh, dear. The St Therese busts look very much like a plastic Darth Vader bust I once rescued from someone's trash. (I later used it as a centerpiece for the table during a dinner party)
    Sweet, sweet photo above. Thank you for sharing. I wish Sister's dog hadn't been camera-shy. :)

  2. We did eventually...well SHE eventually coaxed the dog into sitting for a photo. She's a very protective little dog and wasn't fond of anyone that wasn't in a brown habit!