Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reader Submitted Racism!

This comes from Judy

Hi Frank,
I went to a bazaar at a neighboring church with my grandmother and mom, 
and felt compelled to share this one with you. Happy New Year!

Oof.  Ok, let's get started.  

1) Please note the gender-neutral character behind the girl with the pigtails.  In 10 years she will be in an "intentional community" as Sister Patty of Our Lady of Social Justice.

2) What has happened in Asia that has caused both of these poor children's livers to quit and give them worse jaundice than the whole cast of The Simpsons?

3) I think that black kid was an after thought.  Considering he is just sort of tagged onto the edge of the group, has blonde hair is is just coloured in with black ink.

I haven't seen anything this racist since this Christmas video from last year.


  1. Is it not Puppy Time? Will there be a photo?

  2. Oh gosh yes, sorry! I've been so busy with the little guy I've hardly been able to feed myself let alone will be up ASAP!