Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another reader submitted entry!

I can't help it that I'm so popular.  My beauty is a curse.

Here is what dear reader Jessica said about this blog's motto which I hastily translated in google.

I thought I'd take it upon myself to let you know that Google Translate and similar tools are awful at translating English into Latin. They tend to give up on certain words, like "can" in "Si vos can loco niteo in is , loco niteo in is". Didn't even try to translate the darn thing. As a lover of Latin, mottoes, and snark, allow me to humbly submit a revised translation: Si ponere flavitem potes, pone flavitem. "Loco" means "place", as in Rome. Ponere is the verb that means "to place" or "to put". And "niteo" literally means "I glitter" which isn't at all what I think you meant, so I replaced it with a noun form, "flavitas" which means "shiny goldenness". The "on it" bit can be left out entirely, because mottoes as a rule are succinct and Latin has a lovely way of intimating things. Literally translated, what I've written would say "If you can put glitter [on it], put glitter [on it]." I hope this doesn't come off as pedantic or nitpicky, but when one takes four years of Latin in Catholic high school, then goes out into the world, one jumps at chances to actually use this random and seldomly useful knowledge. 

I am not drunk enough to understand a word of what I just read.
But thanks for the help!  It's appreciated! I'll be copyin' and pastin'!

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