Friday, January 6, 2012

A Clean Reader Submitted Entry!

This is from the very funny Maureen who first calls this
"Latavio Divino"
(I actually died when I read that.)

Because you should really pray in the shower.

Scripture soap!
I don't want to live on this planet any more.

"Whey Better Farm is excited to introduce the newest addition to our line of soaps: scripture soap. If you are one who loves the Bible you know that there is always the great desire to share this love with others. I myself wondered how to possibly incorporate the Word of God into the work of my hands: my soap. One day I had an idea of burying a Bible verse into a bar of soap so that God's Word could offer words of hope, comfort and challenge to people as it has to me. And thus, scripture soap was born. After a bit of trial and error in perfecting the technique I discovered a way to do just that. Now I am offering these unique soaps here. As of yet and to my knowledge there are no other soaps like these in the world! These bars of soap each contain a unique line from scripture embedded in the middle of them. There are over 100 different verses so it is unlikely that anyone would ever get the same verse twice. They make a very thoughtful gift because they remind us to always keep what is the most important before us: God."

Rub the Word of the Lord on your ass, thanks to Whey Better Farm!

Also there is a kind of soap that has beer in it.

Thanks Maureen!

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  1. Is the recessed part of the soap supposed to be a trapezoid, or is it just oddly made?

    Also, love the caption for the picture :D