Sunday, March 14, 2010

Post the Host

"Street Mass"

Ok, for those of you who don't know "post the host" was a project (that I think failed royally, honestly, since I am getting a 404 everytime i try to go to it) some guy tried to do (he was a member of the "open episcopal church" which probably means "whatever I want" church) where he would mail....yes MAIL a consecrated host to who ever had ordered one, then they could go onto youtube and watch whatever Mass they liked best (kind of like burger king of kings).

So, in all its his "street mass" and i am warning you now if you have a Traditional bone in your body you WILL vomit.

Ok. Now you know that up in Heaven Jesus is literally turing to His Father and saying WHAT THE F*CK. Ok, maybe not literally. I certainly am. JC? Shizzle with the poor? mad respect? man on the f*cking donkey? THAT LORD'S PRAYER WAS WORSE THAN THE NEW ZELAND PRAYER BOOK'S.

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