Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is...ok...I can't put into words how happy this makes me.

They are candles that smell like Jesus is supposed to smell accoarding to some obscure bible verses ripped out of their original context. But i think it is HILARIOUS. PLUS, I like candles, and Jesus...and given the rules of theological capatlization they will become Candles !!

OK. SO. If, perhaps, out there, somewhere, someone could find it in their heart to buy one of these for me (im interested in the one called "servanthood". Because that is some funny stuff." "MMM! What's that smell?!" "Servanthood" "What? Is that like...a plant?") I will be eternally in their debt.

I'm 99% going to buy the original scent one actually, because that is HILARIOUS "HOW, oh HOW shall we captalize off our Lord?" "I know! Candles!" "You mean like for Churches?" "NO!! FOR RICH AMERICANS! So they can pretend their house smells like Jesus" "I'm liking where this is going..."

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