Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Gospel According to Saint Kitsch, Chapter 4

"And Jesus went up unto the retirment village with his disciples to visit the elderly. And the disciples spake, saying "O, good and gentle Jesus, would that we hadest a wheel chair upon which to place these gentlemen" And Jesus spake saying "O, ye's of little faith's. For canst thou not see that I needest not a wheel chair to take these men about, for I am entertaining enough here as it is. For Lo, high above me resteth several winged baby heads. And they shall be my back up singers." And Peter spake saying "LORD, why wouldst thou needest back up singers?" And Jesus replied replying "patty-cake patty-cake bakers-man. Bakest me a cake as fast as thou canst. Pat it, roll it, marketh it with a B, and putteth it in the oven for Mary and Me." And the elderly gentlemen were verily amused and didst mimck with Him, but the disciples were sore embarassed, and didst hide their faces."

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