Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Gospel According to Saint Kitsch, Chapter 5

"And Jesus gathered up His disciples in the Upper Room and spake saying "I have longed to share this meal with thee." And the disciples replied replying "What eatest we?" And Jesus spake saying "We are having tostitos and a crispy Chihuahua." And John didst sigh heavily and cast himself upon the lap of Jesus and cried out with a loud voice "OH LORD! Thou knowest I am a vegan, and yet Thou preparest a banquet upon which I can only eatest the tostitos!" And the other disciples did argue amongst themselves as to if John's vegan diet was of stupidity, or of value. And Jesus spake saying "Judas, what fiddelest thou with?" And Judas replied "Rabbi, I am seeing if I have any change in my murse for a cola, for thou must know I am of great thirst." And Jesus did cry out with a loud voice "I spent all day over a hot oven, and thou hast all given me not but grief. If thou likest it not, I care not for thy whining, for there are starving children in Babylon." And Jesus wept."

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