Friday, August 13, 2010

The Gospel According to Saint Kitsch, Chapter 6

And Saint Kitsch didst say "I shall not have anything making fun of a painting of the Cross, for even I have limits."
And Jesus did go down unto Hell, and took with Him three ugly angels, who all the while said "art we there yet?", while Jesus replied five and five score "no."
And upon arriving, Jesus called unto the souls in torment saying "behold! I have brought you anglo-catholics something to blog about. For Lo, here is a crucifix I got on ebay, and again Lo, here is a processional crucifix." And the souls of them in torment did kneel and pray, and Jesus did snap His fingers, and nodded His head. Then he took the souls in torment and brought them up into heaven, saying "Thou art all very chubby for having been in Hell for eleven thousand years."

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