Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sainty for Strangest Patronage

This one got a lot of votes...and although all the patronages were weird, this one out-weirded them all
The Sainty goes to...

St. Martin of Tours

Did you know that geese needed a patron?  Apparently they do, since St. Martin is the patron saint of geese.  Along with being the patron saint invoked against poverty, of Calvary, etc.  He's probably remembered the most for the time he saw a poor naked beggar and cut off half of his own cloak for him.  However in another incident leads him to have what is one of the more strange patronages in the Church.  When it was time to elect another bishop, people thought "Martin would be a good one" So he thought "ah crap." and ran to hide in a flock of geese (what's wrong with him?  geese are the opposite of quiet) who betrayed his where-abouts.  So now, I guess as a curse?, he prays for them.  I guess St. Martin has something against Fabio who was once hit in the face with a goose while riding a roller coaster.  


  1. Strange enough, it is an old custom to eat geese on St. Martin's day.

  2. Who knew Catholics were the religion of irony...