Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I Don't Post Here

Also, in case you were wondering why, I no longer post on here because of a technical issue with google accounts which refuses to allow me to sign into this account and my youtube, and to be honest, I really use the youtube account a loooooooot more than this one was ever used and the hassle of signing into a google account every single time I wanted to do anything on youtube or saint kitsch was just too much for me to bother with.  Another reason, I basically started this for fun, and as the readership went up it was fun but I noticed that I was more interested in making sure that I had lots of hits and all that other internet jazz which meant that it just wasn't fun for me any more.

I may bring this back some day but in the mean time i think i'll just stick to using my youtube account instead.

Thanks for reading everyone.

This isn't goodbye it's maybe again later idk right now i'm really not interested though but maybe again some day yeah maybe who knows c'est la vie etc.