Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Am I going to Hell for this?

The answer is, yes.

If you can guess the song I've included to go along with these images before you scroll to the end...you win...uhm....well you win a spot next to me in Hell.

If that song was your first thought when you saw those pictures, congratulations we have the same thought process. That should worry you. If you didn't think of that song, then leave your idea in the comments because I happen to enjoy other people's ideas.


  1. Actually, I was thinking "Reinare (And It Feels So Good)"

  2. Probably earned some time in purgatory for "On the Good Ship Lollipop..."

  3. Ok, @Allen's Brain, you should have known better that I would never have chosen something with that much class.

    @SherryTex I'm sorry, comparing Our Lord to Shirley Temple might actually out-do any implication that He was dancing. Perhaps I actually earned a spot in Hell next to YOU!
    (p.s. I actually died a little laughing at that, I hope you know.)