Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saint Kitch's Liturgial Abuse Extravaganza-Day 2

now i like soccer as much as the next person who is kind of intersted in soccer a little bit, but I have a secret to tell all of you die-hard fans. Jesus is really not intersted in who wins the world cup. I know! Scandal! Shocker! Jesus might have more important things on His to-do list (like i don't know, save babies, try to get you to Heaven etc.) than who wins a game of kick-ball.
ALSO this priest got in a loooooooooooooooot of trouble from his bishop (AS HE SHOULD HAVE P.S.) for doing this...guess he just can't feel the breeze of the Holy Spirit a-blowin' through the Church these days. Boy the Holy Spirit sure gets up to some crazy sh!t now-a-days. No more of this healing the sick B.S. ... WE WANT CRAPPY MEANINGLESS LITURGY AND WE WANT IT NOW.

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