Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saint Kitch's Liturgical Abuse Extravangaza--Day 6

Ok, I've debated with myself all week if I should put this up or not because you wouldn't BELIEVE the sh!t I've taken over this.
(I also would like to call this post "shooting myself in the foot" but I basically don't care.)
I won't single anyone out, but lets just say once anyone finds out I think the U2charist is blasphemous I have to sit through some tirade about people's spirituality or whatever. I get the whole secular-song-with-person-religious-meanings thing, I do that too...but the idea of making the experience of singing u2 in a church, flashing lights, a name mocking a true title, calling attention to the liturgy itself rather than who the liturgy is for...kind of....lets can I put this?...

When the music, the experience, the idea, the fundraising becomes the object and focus of a liturgy, even accidently or on purpose like in the u2charist you risk being put into my cavilcade (am I using that word correctly? it sounds nice anyway cavilcade cavilcade cavilcade) of abuse of the liturgy.

I wonder if trendy muslims desperate for butts in the seats that have the Mecca-rayna.

OH, and P.S. there is a certain person who owes me a serious muffin basket after not doing the original commentary on a video of theirs I had planned.

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